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By signing/filling out this Alumni Membership Form, I acknowledge and consent to the processing of personal information/data provided herein, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations. I further consent to the processing by the Alumni and Community Relations Office (ACRO) of my personal information/data, for purposes relating to the following:

  1. Alumni Database encoding
  2. VSUAAI ID Printing 
  3. VSU Alumni Homecoming and other alumni-related activities
  4. I give consent that my data be published on the proposed VSU Alumni Directory

  5. I give consent that my data be forwarded to a requesting Dept. concerned related to AACCUP and other accreditation needs

In compliance with the data privacy act of 2012, RA. 10173. Please refer the General Privacy Notice link: https://www.vsu.edu.ph/about/privacy

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